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Added on 03-Jun-2005

Queen "Live" CD/DVD Package Set For Release Later This Year**Fri 03 Jun 05**


A live CD and DVD from the European shows that Queen & Paul Rodgers finished last month is on tap for later this year, reports Launch Radio Networks. The band recorded every concert they played, but they only shot one in its entirety, on May 9 in Sheffield, England. Work has begun on listening back to the tapes, which should lead to a live album with the best performances from the tour, and a version of Queen's "Fat Bottomed Girls" might come out as a single. No release date has been announced, but the package is expected for later this year.

Paul Rodgers told Launch that he approaches music from a completely different place than the late Freddie Mercury did. "He's classically trained, whereas I come out from blues and soul. Our writing styles are different. I tend to go for a very simple lyric with lots of space, he went for quite a wordy approach — not to say that either one is better or worse, it's just different."


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