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Added on 21-Oct-2009

This month on Planet Rock we're celebrating the release of Queen's new album Absolute Greatest released on 16th November.

Over the next four weeks you can look forward to special shows, fantastic competitions and one almighty song vote, all in Queen's honour.

Take a look at what we have in store and find out more about the album below.

On Air

Saturday 31st October, 6pm - Freddie Mercury Special

Saturday 7th November, 6pm - Queen Live Performance

Saturday 21st November, 6pm - Roger Taylor / Brian May Track by Track Commentary

Saturday 28th November, 6pm - Top 20 Queen Track Countdown

Online Vote & Competition

Absolute Greatest is comprised of Queen’s biggest hits but we want to find the absolute greatest song of all time.

With a career spanning 40 years, we know this may be difficult, however there is an incredible prize in store for one lucky voter - a SIGNED BRIAN MAY GUITAR.

Keep your eyes peeled for other great Queen giveaways plus we'll also be giving away two copies of the album every day.


Absolute Greatest

Charting over 20 years of making people rock, Absolute Greatest is a reminder of just what fine, and smart, rock and pop writers and musicians Messrs Deacon, May, Mercury and Taylor were and are.

The album features twenty of Queen's most iconic hits ranging from jaunty ditties such as Crazy Little Thing Called Love, to moving ballads like Who Wants To Live Forever.

And of course no Queen collection would be complete without the stadium stirring anthems We Will Rock You and We Are The Champions.

Absolute Greatest is available in very personalized versions in which band members Brian May and Roger Taylor share their own memories about the tracks chosen for this collection.

In a limited-edition book version, the Queen photo archives are opened up with 52 pages of unseen and rare photos, and handwritten song lyrics by each member of the band (including corrections and rewrites).


01. We Will Rock You (Brian May)

02. We Are The Champions (Freddie Mercury)

03. Radio Ga Ga (Roger Taylor)

04. Another One Bites The Dust (John Deacon)

05. I Want It All (Queen)

06. Crazy Little Thing Called Love (Freddie Mercury)

07. A Kind Of Magic (Roger Taylor)

08. Under Pressure (Queen-David Bowie)

09. One Vision (Queen)

10. You're My Best Friend (John Deacon)

11. Don't Stop Me Now (Freddie Mercury)

12. Killer Queen (Freddie Mercury)

13. These Are The Days Of Our Lives (Queen)

14. Who Wants To Live Forever (Brian May)

15. Seven Seas Of Rhye (Freddie Mercury)

16. Heaven For Everyone (Roger Taylor)

17. Somebody To Love (Freddie Mercury)

18. I Want To Break Free (John Deacon)

19. The Show Must Go On (Queen)

20. Bohemian Rhapsody (Freddie Mercury)

You can choose your Favourite Absolute Greatest Queen Song and maybe win a Prize.

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