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Added on 13-Apr-2007

TORONTO - Irony isn't supposed to be the point of a musical like We Will Rock You, yet another Mamma Mia!-like showcase of iconic '70s hits wrapped around a plot as heavy as a neutrino. And yet, there it is, right in the premise of this airbrushed paean to the music of Queen which opened at the Canon Theatre Tuesday. The chirpily-dystopian premise is that American Idol, boy bands and other forms of corporate shill, killed rock 'n' roll some 300 years before this musical takes place on Planet Mall.

Enter the Bohemians, young rockers waiting for the moment to step up and rescue us from corporate "ga ga."

The irony: We Will Rock You resembles nothing so much as an American Idol tribute to Queen -- with a cast of scrubbed, smiling young people singing the songs of Freddie Me

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