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Added on 31-Jul-2011

Freddy Mercury to reincarnate in Hernán Piquín

The Argentinian dancer will play the Queen singer's life in a play with original songs and dance. The premiere will take place in September at the famous Astros Theatre in Buenos Aires.

Hernán Piquín says Don't Stop Me Now. In addition to his participation in "Dancing With The Stars Argentina 2011", the dancer tries a new character. Nothing more, nothing less than Freddie Mercury, the legendary singer of Queen. "When I was offered this role, I accepted it right away because I love it. Freddie is an amazing artist and an exciting interpretation. It's amazing the effect he stil has on people" he says. The play, born of an idea of director Ricardo Arauz, which will premiere at the Astros in mid-September, will be called "Hernan Piquín es Freddie" and will have 14 dancers on stage (which were selected through an audition), in addition to Piquín's friend Cecilia Figaredo, who'll play Death. "It's a work of dance theater, primarily, with some action. There are different scenes that tell all of his life, from his childhood on the island of Zanzibar, his time in India, arriving to London, his loves, his excesses, his career in the rock world, his illness (HIV) and finally his death."

Of course the music is paramount in this setting and will be present with 19 original songs of the star, which will go basting every step of his life.

"The scenery is spectacular, beautiful, kinda Broadway, with ladders and giant screens," promises Piquín. The dancer will wear a mustache to accentuate the resemblance to the singer who died in 1991 at age 45.

"I want to get the character but not imitate it or copy it. This will be my interpretation of Freddie, who still remains an icon due to his impressive voice and his story so strong. I am very happy." Now, even though in fiction, Freddie will be back on stage for a few months.

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