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Added on 14-Dec-2006

another awesome article :).....Queen Musical 'We Will Rock You' to Launch in Toronto in March

Published: 12/13/06 at 10:13 PM ET

Written By: Sarah Millar

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(andPOP) - Brian May wrote "We Will Rock You," the hit anthem by Queen, after the audience sang all their hits back to the band at a concert in London. Now, "We Will Rock You" is a hit stage musical in London, and is slated for a run in Toronto starting in March of 2007.

At a press conference today attended by May, Queen bandmate Roger Taylor and writer Ben Elton, members of the press were given a sneak preview in the form of a clip of the show from London.

"I actually think that shapes up pretty well, because let's face it, the film of stage always looks a bit crap," said Elton. "So if you can imagine that in a live context, with all the bells and whistles actually coming to you, then I think you can imagine why people are actually getting on their feet. It is a live gig, in every sense of the word: 36 fabulous, sparkling vocal artists and an incredible live eight-piece rock and roll band.

When Elton was first approached, "We Will Rock You" was going to be a biographical musical of the band and the late Queen lead singer, Freddie Mercury, who died from complications due to AIDS in 1991.

However, Elton saw a different story for the musical set to the hit songs from the band. He let Queen know of his intentions and they gave him the go-ahead.

"I suggested that we start a legend of our own," Elton said.

The show tells the story of a society 300 years in the future, where no musical instruments remain, and the music the society listens to is dictated to them by the higher ups. A Killer Queen runs the Globalsoft Corporation, which controls the society. The Killer Queen is served by a henchman named Khashoggi. Live music has been banned.

However, one lone guitar remains, buried in rock, for the chosen one to retrieve and perform with and reclaim music for themselves. The two leads are Galileo and Scaramouche, two rebels who fall in love and reclaim music.

"We're thrilled to be here, we spent the last two days completely immersed in auditions and we have a fantastic new all-Canadian cast and completely Canadian band," May said.

May also noted that Canadian audiences will be treated to a different show than what is currently running in London, because "We Will Rock You" takes on a local feel, and incorporates local references. He would not elaborate on what those changes, or references, will be though. Elton said Toronto audiences will also see new changes in the play and if the response is good, they may take the changes over to London.

"We hope it will make you laugh," he said, "and make you cry."

"But in a nice way," Elton chimed in.

Taylor said that one of their main objectives with the show is to have a real, live, rock and roll band play the music.

"We like to think that 'We Will Rock You' is not a title, it's a promise," Elton said to great applause from the crowd.

May said writing a musical was not in the band's long-term pla

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