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Added on 10-Apr-2007

Mick and the boys notwithstanding, in the wild and often wonderful world of rock 'n' roll, one of the most enduring fashion accessories has proven to be youth itself. While the actual music around which the new stage production of We Will Rock You: The Musical is built may be getting a little long in the tooth, many of the kids serving it up on the stage of the Canon Theatre (where it opens Tuesday night) were still in diapers when Freddie Mercury and the rock group Queen ruled the charts.

It is on Queen's catchy riffs that this musical soars.

Principal among said young people are Yvan Pedneault -- an exciting, 26-year-old Quebecois artist, cast as the dreamer Galileo -- and Erica Peck, cast as his lippy sidekick, Scaramouche.

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