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Added on 07-Oct-2004

'Mornings With Kerrie-Anne' is an Australian breakfast show. This morning it featured a special on Queen and the opening of the musical 'We Will Rock You' in Sydney.A local music expert was on the show to give the country a ten minute over view of the band's career, and while skipping a couple of important things such as their performance at Live Aid, the guy did a really good job.

The more important singles and hits were covered; Killer Queen, WWRY, Champions and Boh Rhap (nothing was said about it's length or the operatic section though which kinda weirded me out).

Freddie's illness and death were touched on and clips from the tribute concert were shown.

Mostly the emphasis was on the band's flamboyance, heavy rock quality and sheer talent.

The show then went on with normal breakfast show stuff, after which they showed two interviews with Michael Falzon (Galileo) and Kate Hoolihan (Scaramouche) and clips from the musical.

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