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Added on 26-Aug-2009

On MSN website, Queen are among Oasis, The Beatles, Pink Floyd and Elvis for the Most Overrated Artists Ever.

Queen have been a major Rock Band for Many Years, since 1971 and have released 15 studio Albums. They are credited for selling over 300 million albums Worldwide, the best selling UK Single, Best Selling album in the UK and best live performance ever.

They are also noted for their unique style from Heavy Metal, to Opera, Ragtime to Funk, Arena Rock to Fantasy Heavy Progressive Rock from Queen II.

However the quote to why Queen is so overrated as follows:

"Music for People who have no interest in music. They are a novelty act in my eyes.....gimmicky tunes/lyrics. Terrible hair/tash, dreadful clothes.....and they have the best selling LP in Britain ever LOL....The Great British Public, Don't you just love em?

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