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Queen play Pivotal Role In The Story Of Chic's "Good Times" In July 2005 Blender MagazineQueen are documented as playing a pivotal role in, and being influenced by part of the amazing story of the USA Band Chic's monster hit song "Good Times" in the July 2005 issue of "Blender Magazine".

Page 67

Article "The Greatest Songs Ever" discussing the USA band Chic and their mammoth hit song "Good Times".

"It was against this conflicted backdrop that (Nile) Rodgers found himself out one night, club hopping with Queen bassist John Deacon. He and Deacon wandered from the clubs straight to the Power Station, a Manhattan recording studio, where the band (Chic) were working on their third album, "Risque'"."

What follows is how the song was written, recorded, and released, charting to multi million selling status....then...afterwards, later on as the song played an influence to Queen....

"Meanwhile, "Good Times" has enjoyed one of the most auspicious after lives in pop history. In 1980, John Deacon took the song's bassline and plunked it straight into Queen's "Another One Bites The Dust", their biggest hit."


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