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Queen Prominently Cited As Influence, ''Now I'm Here'' Played By Darkness In Kerrang! MagazineQueen are prominently cited as an influence, and ''Now I'm Here'' even is played in an impromptu jam session by The Darkness in the The Darkness Cover Story/Interview and Article featured in the 8/6/2005 issue of ''Kerrang! Magazine'' which just hit the USA.

Page 22 In Intro. Article to Interview ''The Darkness: New Album, New Line Up, The Only Interview'' By Dom Lawson

''You join us in Whitfield Street Studios in London's West End. We're here to get a progress report on the follow up to the multi million selling ''Permission To Land'' and judging by the collective mood of elation, things are going well indeed. In fact, as we stand mere feet away from the studio where ex-Queen Producer Roy Thomas Baker is knob twiddling his way to the grand conclusion of The Darkness' second studio adventure, it's impossible to ignore the vast smiles plastered all over the faces of Dan Hawkins, drummer Ed Graham, and new bass player Richie ''Rick'' Edwards too.''

Page 24 ''As Kerrang! looks on, Richie joins Dan Hawkins in an impromptu jam, thrashing out a version of Queen's ''Now I'm Here'' on acoustic guitars and an unplugged bass as Justin Hawkins attempts to bully Ed Graham into posing with a pair of maracas.''

Page 24 Insert Above Interview/Article

''The Darkness: The New Album: What To Expect'' lists 5 new songs to be featured on the new album with descriptions/reviews.

3. ''Full Moon (Garden Of Lies)''

''Introduced at The Leeds Festival last year as ''Give Me Some Meat'', this is an unusually heavy and complex prog. metal gallop with shades of Maiden, Thin Lizzy (again), and Queen.''

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