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Added on 14-Apr-2005

Queen Prominently Featured In Book The Encyclopedia Of Heavy MetalQueen are prominently featured in a wonderful book entitled, "The Encyclopedia Of Heavy Metal" By Daniel Bukszpan published By Barnes & Nobles Publishing, Inc. and available at Barnes & Nobles Book Stores throughout the United States

Author Bukszpan wrote this book as he says to be both "incredibly insightful and hysterically funny" both of which it is, as well as being an intensely researched, highly entertaining, and fond chronicle documenting the greatest artists in heavy metal.

Queen take their rightful place on pages 190-194. Their in depth, well researched, insightful entry is notable for its particularly exuberant, affectionate, glowing praise to the band's substantial, landmark contributions and influences to and in ALL genres of music, including metal, rock, pop, disco, glam, opera, gospel, funk, and more. Special attention is highlighted to the immaculate care, time, and consummate musicianship that Queen implemented when recording their music masterpieces, singling out ANATO, BoRhap, and the emphasis the band placed in implementing ornate music instrumentation and intricate production to achieve their extraordinary sound.

Page 190 has a gorgeous Full page color photo of Mick Rock's infamous "Nude" photo of the band.

Page 191 has a wonderful color photo of Freddie, Brian & John performing Crazy Little Thing Called Love on "Saturday Night Live"

Page 193 has an Incredible Full page color concert photo of Freddie and the band on the Hot Space Tour that captures the electricity of Queen in all of their majesty and glory.

Pages 191-192 feature color photos of the album covers of Queen I, Queen II, Sheer Heart Attack, ANATO, ADATR, Jazz, Flash Gordon, The Game and clothing patches for Innuendo and Made In Heaven.

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