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Added on 11-Jul-2005

Queen Prominently Featured Throughout August 2005 Q MagazineQueen are prominently featured throughout the August 2005 issue of Q Magazine.

Page 26

''News-Bay Watch, what's going for a song on EBay.''

Lot 03. ''Freddie Mercury's Christmas Card''

''Between writing pomp rock anthems and living the high life, Freddie Mercury still found time to hand write his own Christmas cards. Dating from 1980 and sent to ''Dave M.''-possibly lover David Minns-this red card decorated with a silver Christmas tree is inscribed ''My Dearest-Have a lovely Xmas. Will be thinking of you. Love as always-Freddie.'' and signed with two kisses.'' ''Going, going...mininmum bid L899.''

Page 26

''In The Studio Exchanging Creative Juices With: The Darkness''

Color Photo Caption ''Whitfield Street Studios, London, May 2005: (from left), Producer Roy Thomas Baker, Justin and Dan Hawkins.

''Holed up in Rockfield Studios, South Wales with former Queen Producer Roy Thomas Baker, the pressures of delivering the follow-up to 2003's million selling debut album, ''Permission To Land'', aren't affecting the Lowestoft outfit's productivity.''

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