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Added on 01-Nov-2005

Queen Prominently Featured Throughout Book ''Rock And Roll: Year By Year''There is an amazing, book documenting the history of modern rock music called ''Rock And Roll: Year By Year'' by Luke Crampton and Dafydd Rees, In Association With The USA Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame And Museum, that covers Queen to the NINES!

Published by Dorling Kindersley (DK) Publishing in hard back a few years ago, it is NOW available in the USA in paperback. Thicker than a telephone book and about 14'' by 14'' in size, it is all color, gorgeous glossy pages with incredible archive photos, and well researched, comprehensive factoids/accounts, which along with all of the bands, artists, and events that defined and shaped the landscape of rock and roll... featured literally DOZENS of times, both in written information and in photos, as the book documents rock's events daily, monthly and yearly.

Some of the most stunning photos and well researched facts and information include:

pages 282-283 1975. Discusses the making of Queen's ANATO, and BoRhap, the landmark recording and video, with a gorgeous photo of Queen.

Page 384 1984. Photo of Concert Ticket to Queen's ''The Works'' Tour Concert at Wembley Stadium from Tuesday, 9/4/1984.

Pages 394-395 1985. Discusses Queen and Freddie Mercury performing at Live Aid, with a 2 page wide color photo of the Live Aid Wembley Stadium Finale, with all of the artists onstage, including, Freddie Mercury.

Page 461 1991. VERY reverential account of Freddie's passing with a glorious color photo of Freddie performing live.

Page 465 1992. BoRhap gaining New worldwide audience and charting again in film, ''Wayne's World.

Page 467 1992 Reverential account of Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert.

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