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QUEEN RE-RELEASE STUDIO ALBUMS IN JAPAN All the Queen original studio albums will be newly released in Japan with special paper-made sleeves from TOSHIBA EMI. The sound material itself is the same as Japanese "2001 digital remastered version". The following are scheduled or release on 11 February 2004:

Queen - Cat No: TOCP67341

Queen II - Cat No: TOCP67342

Sheer Heart Attack - Cat No: TOCP67343

A Night At The Opera - Cat No: TOCP67344

A Day At The Races - Cat No: TOCP67345

News Of The World - Cat No: TOCP67346

Jazz - Cat No: TOCP67347

The Game - Cat No: TOCP67348

Followed by release of these albums on 25 February 2004:

Flash Gordon - Cat No: TOCP67349

Hot Space - Cat No: TOCP67350

The Works - Cat No: TOCP67351

A Kind Of Magic - Cat No: TOCP67352

The Miracle - Cat No: TOCP67353

Innuendo - Cat No: TOCP67354

Made In Heaven - Cat No: TOCP67355

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