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Added on 31-Jan-2007

Reports from an Australian source on new material...Queen guitarist Brian May has discussed the band's new material,

which they have recorded with vocalist Paul Rodgers.

Queen Mark II, which also features drummer Roger Taylor, joined

forces with the Free/Bad Company vocalist Rodgers in 2005. Queen

bassist John Deacon has not wanted to be involved in the post-Freddie

Mercury project.

Discussing the record, May said, "We went in the studio... to see

what happens, because we've already tested it pretty good on stage

and that works great... And we went in almost unprepared...and came

up with some tracks, which I think are really great.

"They're very different, they're very unlike anything that we've

done, or anything that Paul's done."

May was particularly looking forward to performing the new songs

live, explaining, "It's gonna be good, because next time we go out

(on tour), we won't just be nostalgia, we will be: 'This is what we are'."

It is, as Queen once advocated, better to burn out than to fade away

Source: Daniel Zugna / QMS

Submitted by: Richard Orchard

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