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Added on 02-Oct-2008

Album boasts Bad Company vox as royal replacement

James Viscardi

13 years. It's been 13 years since the legendary rock gods, Queen, put out an album. Now you may be thinking, "Queen? But isn't Freddie Mercury dead?" You would be correct. So how exactly do you create a new Queen album without the late great Mercury? Well, first of all, you do not attempt to replace him. Brian May and Roger Taylor simply partnered up with the notable voice behind Bad Company, Paul Rodgers.

Upon the mention of Queen's new album, many might say, "No Freddie, no Queen." While this is an understandable concern, you aren't a Queen fan if you think Freddie Mercury was the entire band. Even if you loved Mercury and thought he was the quintessential front man - Brian May and Rodger Taylor played a huge part in Queen's success as well. They could just as easily pull off a Queen reunion without him.

With that said, The Cosmos Rocks by Queen with Paul Rodgers isn't a perfect album, but is well worth the 13-year wait. Brian May's guitar playing abilities, for someone as old as he is, haven't faded in the least. This album is full of tunes that will have fans rocking out and playing air guitar while walking city streets. Songs like "Cosmos Rockin," "C-Lebrity" and "War Boys" are definitions of rock ballads. Pair up the fantastic guitar parts with Paul Rodgers' vocals and it becomes a little bit of magic.

Rodgers is no Mercury, but man, can he sing. He can belt out rock anthems and sing the sweetest of slow songs. His voice is unique - which is rare in music nowadays - and diverse. Rodgers is not replacing Mercury. Instead he brings his own feel and meshes his style seamlessly with May and Taylor's.

This album will take you up, down and all around Queentown. It's not perfect, but it's a step in the right direction. I, for one, welcome the new Queen line-up and hope there's more music to be played by these monumental musicians.

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