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Added on 30-Nov-2001

Ben Elton has been working hard with the remaining Queen members on the up-and-coming musical. And they've even been working with Robbie Williams! "We've done some stuff together," confesses Brian, "Some of which has leaked out - it's never really been released properly.

There was the 'We Are The Champions' thing which is in the film 'A Knight's Tale'. We've actually dabbled around in the studio apart from that - not many people know that. But there's never been a plan for Freddie to be replaced - Freddie can never be replaced.

I'm not against the idea of doing gigs with people, but the time and the place and the person would have to be right. Don't get me wrong: I think Robbie is a very serious performing talent in every way that you could want."

Is there more stuff yet to be released? "There's some unfinished stuff lying around somewhere. We get up to these little things on the quiet." Brian claims there are "no plans at the moment" to finish them.

Source: Total Guitar December 2001

Submitted by: Paul Mark

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