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Added on 28-Feb-2010

I am trying trace New Zealand related Queen memorabilia to be used as props for a feature film currently in production.

Props mistress Rosie Guthrie writes:

I am working on a NZ Written, Directed and Produced Romantic Comedy.

Our main character is a guy who has inherited his fathers passion for

and collection of Queen Memorabilia and music.

We have a couple of very specific scripted props and outside of that

we need to build a sense of a collection as well.

The specific pieces we need are

( And these can be drum scanned off the originals so we don't have the

originals on set)

Queen NZ tour Ticket, Poster and any associated material.

Beyond that we would love to talk about what you may be willing to

hire to us, or similarly that we could scan etc.

Rosie Guthrie

Props Mistress

General Film

I've already sent Rosie a scan of my Auckland concert ticket but there still remains the poster. I know that somewhere out there is an Auckland concert poster signed by the entire band. Unfortunately, in the 10 years or so since we last had a Queen convention in NZ I've lost touch with the collectors I know who can help me here. This is a legit, professional production and utmost care will be taken of anything loaned out. As an actor who has worked in local film and TV I recognise the names involved here.

David Austin

Submitted by: wiza42

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