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Added on 28-May-2003

It's really been a kind of magic last night in Modena, at Pavarotti and Friends 2003. We could speak for a long time about the incredible Eric Clapton, the the energic Deep Purple, or the most in demand, Bono... But let's speak about Queen!

There were a lot of Queenies in the park, really a great Queen crew. Probably more than half of the audience came just to see Brian and Roger! The banners were mostly about them (and Bono, naturally...).

Queen had the honour to open the show: and so a wonderful "We will rock you" filled the whole park... and Modena itself! Of course no other songs could give the audience so much energy. Also the people not "in love" with Queen were astonished and totally involved in the classic rythmic clapping... And Brian played his Red Special as always.

And then the other songs: Radio Ga Ga has been a perfect performance, worthy of Wembley and many other live versions, thanks also to the audience in the usual -but always shocking- synchrony. Then a touching Too much love will kill you, sung by Brian and Big Luciano in a great duet with a nice linear Italian translation: "Troppo amor t'uccide, tu lo sai" (too much love kills you, you know). Really an incredible moment, a well done musical marry.

But... What is a concert, without We are the champions? And so Brian, after the well known "Do you wanna sing?", was glad to call "his brother Succhero" (Brian said), our italian Zucchero, embarrassed and excited to perform this masterpiece. And the audience could watch a beautiful close-up of Roger playing energically, rocking the park all over the night, as a lad drummer, and singing at his best!

Nothing more to say: Queen have rocked Modena. It's been an unmissable chance for Italian Queen fans, and rock lovers from all over the world.

We've had two absentees. The first, with a silencious and imperceptible missing, was of course John. I take the liberty of telling this, because it's really been a glorious night in Queen history, and it's a pity that John didn't enjoy it. Unfortunately, we are becoming used to this loss... (John, are you reading?)

But we are speaking of "Queen": and so of course we missed the "King" of Queen too, our beloved Freddie. But I think that he was there, with Brian and Roger, someway: WE FELT HIM!

Submitted by: Bismillah

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