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Added on 27-Jan-2006

Brazilian Queen Collector A.H.Seligman will be on TV next week plus various artists and the editor of the brazilian version Jim Hutton book.This is of particular interest for the brazilian fans, but here we go anyway: Me and my wife Liane will be on a brazilian TV program dedicated entirely to Queen, which will be aired on friday, February 3, 10 pm on the Gazeta TV station. Our participation on the program was arranged by Elaine Gomes, the editor of the brazilian portuguese version of the Jim Hitton book (of which we wrote the preface). We will take the opportunity to bring some interesting items from our collection to show to the program. I don't know yet if the program will be 1 or 2 hours long, but if they decide to go for 2 hours, they will probably record a report about Queen Collecting here at our home. Brazilian artists will be there performing Queen songs too. The program is called "Todo Seu", ("All Yours") and is presented by Ronnie Von, a famous brazilian singer from the late 60s/early 70s. More info as soon we get!

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