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Added on 30-Jan-2011

Freddie Mercury and Roger Taylor spent one Christmas “dreaming of baked beans”, because all they ate was packet bread sauce.

The pair were in rock band Queen together, along with Brian May and John Deacon. Freddie and Roger were great friends even before the band achieved worldwide success, and even lived together at one point. They were very poor when they shared a home, but that didn’t stop the two men having fun. Freddie died in 1991, and Roger still finds himself thinking about one particular festive period they spent together.

“One Christmas I was there with Fred and all we had was a packet of bread sauce that you make with water,” he laughed. “We used to dream of a can of beans! We were very broke but we still managed to ponce about and appear rather grand.”

The rock band celebrate their 40th anniversary this year, and to commemorate the occasion their back catalogue will be re-released. The group released an astounding seven albums in the four years after 1973, something Roger insists is no big deal.

“We were very painstaking making the albums, too,” he told Q. “It was almost like a privilege to get in these studios which, at the time, cost what seemed like a fortune. £30 for every hour! So we respected that and just grafted.”

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