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Added on 18-Jan-2005

Celeb Big bro mini task - drop int conversations 6 queen songs throughout the dayWe are the champions!!!

The King Of Queen

Day 13 of 18, 15:35

Tuesday 18 January

Jeremy has successfully completed his secret mini task, resulting in a fab treat for all the housemates.

Unbeknown to the group, Jeremy had been given the opportunity to win a reward by mentioning in casual conversation the titles of at least six Queen songs.

He had just thirty minutes to complete his assignment and if anyone noticed that his conversation was littered with Queenisms he would fail.

Wasting no time, he marched out to the garden where Bez and Kenzie were enthralled in a game of chess.

"Another one bites the dust," he casually remarked as a pawn was knocked off the board. Neither player flinched.

"I learnt to play chess when I was in "Barcelona"," he continued, notching up another point with his reference to the Spanish city.

With four more hit records to go, he paced the bedroom wondering how on earth he could casually drop the name of the hit "Fat Bottomed Girls" into conversation.

Scream if you want to go faster

Minutes later, he found his moment. Interrupting a conversation about exercise between Brigitte and Caprice, he commented that men tend to do aerobics in order to tone their abs and pecs, while "Fat Bottomed Girls" are more concerned about their bums and tums.

"Yeah," agreed an oblivious Caprice.

"We Are The Champions" and "We Will Rock You" easily slipped into conversation, before Jeremy came out with a blinder by labelling Caprice the "Killer Queen of workouts".

Moments later Big Brother delivered two electric scooters for the housemates to play with for an hour, and Jeremy could hardly wait to tell the gang how he'd won them.

"Well done!" enthused Caprice.

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