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Added on 02-Mar-2005

"Queen-The Early Years": Back in print/On Sale in the USA"Queen-The Early Years" by Mark Hodkinson, the excellent Biography chronicalling Queen's early years, originally published in 1995, is--Back in print in a NEW 2005 paperback edition Currently on sale in the United States.-- It's a very glowing, informative document that offers in depth detail to Queen and each of its members from childhood, to their earliest Non Queen musical formative years, influences, and experiences, meeting one another, forming Queen and the early music, career, lives, and days of Queen. It's a particularly fond, affectionate, enjoyable, yet scholarly, informative, well researched account of Queen's early and perhaps most artistically impressionable, youthful years as musicians and offers insight into the future brilliance of their magnificent years ahead.

Currently on sale at Borders Books & Music (where this news contributor just bought it)!

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