Added on 22-Oct-2004 is going to begin offering visitors the chance to purchase & download complete Queen "bootleg" concerts via their website. Concerts will cost 9.99GBP per concert. Three are currently available with a new one promised each month.Quoted from an e-mail from

(over 700 in all) exist in unauthorised recordings - from the earliest college gigs in 1971, to the final open air spectacular at Knebworth Park in 1986. In response to public demand, large numbers of ‘bootleg’ LPs, tapes, CDs, videos and now DVDs, proliferated.

There is a HUGE mass of bootlegs to choose from – an overwhelming volume. Only a tiny fraction of these are worth seeking out, as most are poor-quality, shoddily conceived packages designed only to part Queen fans from their hard-earned cash. Perhaps 1 in 25 bootlegs are truly worth having. So unless you know precisely where to go and whom to ask, venturing into the murky and spurious world of illegal recordings is not recommended.

Luckily, and this is a world-wide first, Queen have decided to save you the trouble and the risk, by Bootlegging the Bootleggers!

Queen proposes to offer the VERY BEST of the bootlegs, in terms of sound quality and variation of material, at a sensible price. We have effectively ‘cut to the chase’, offering serious Queen fans the best of the bunch – ‘the crème de la crème’, as Freddie might say!

With expert advice from three acknowledged experts on Queen bootlegs; Frank Hazenberg, Andreas Voigts, Frank Palstra, we offer only the most interesting and significant material. Now you can download the very best of QUEEN IN CONCERT at your leisure, and know that each recording is the best around. Each month we will offer further concerts, so please keep this site bookmarked and keep coming back to check out which gigs have been posted.

Playing the bootleggers at their own game seems an appealing prospect for most of us; here we hope to do just that, hoping that in the end it will lead to greater satisfaction all round.

The first three concerts to be released are:

- Queen Last Stand - 15th may 1985, Osaka

- Jazz Final – 6th June 1979, Jazz Tour

- Life Is Real -Life is real - 9th august 1982, Meadowlands

Check the news on QOL for each month’s new releases!

Go to for more information and to buy Queen’s Top 100 Bootlegs!

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