News > Queen to tour in early 2008, according to lighting engineer.

Added on 19-Apr-2007

Ran into Paul's (as well as Q+PR's) lighting engineer at the Atlanta, GA concert - got some great leaked information!I attended the Paul Rodgers concert near Atlanta, GA on April 13th. It was a lovely concert in a beautiful and intimate outdoor venue. While I was hanging around the bar, I ran into a guy with a backstage staff pass. I asked him what he did for Paul - he told me he's Paul's lighting engineer. As we continued talking, I figured out that he also did the lighting for Q+PR's 2005/6 tour. Of course, I asked him if he knew when the next Q+PR tour was kicking off. The answer? Within the first few months of 2008! The guy goes on to tell me that he's finishing out Paul's current solo tour, taking almost a month-long break, going on tour with LL Cool J (whose tour will wrap up in Trinidad) and then begin work with Q+PR towards the end of this year. Great news, if you ask me!

A few pictures from front row at the Paul concert are on my myspace at:

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