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Added on 10-Dec-2004

in the interviews Brian and Roger recently did for German TV, both said that they are going on tour next spring....Roger Taylor:

"We decided we gonna do a Queen tour. We're touring in Deutschland, in Germany, and Europe next spring. So, first time in many years: a Queen tour - brand-new news and we are very excited to do that. ... We have a fantastic singer ... his name is Paul Rodgers. ... He was one of Freddie's favourite singers - and one of our favourite singers."

...Brian May:

"We didn't finally push the button yet, but really we made the decision that we want to do this [a tour next year]. Finally we found a singer that we want to work with. It doesn't mean he joins the band. Nobody is replacing Freddie. ... Paul Rodgers ... we thought okay, this is somebody worthy of going out with and making something new. ... We want to make something new, we want to make something which means something now."

If you want further confirmation, you can watch the interview on the internet at:,3496,MT-2238629,00.html

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