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Added on 17-Apr-2010

An urgent search for a Freddie Mercury impersonator has been launched after a professional Queen tribute's frontman announced he wanted to break free.

And the city-based band says it is planning Freddie Factor auditions where wannabe Freddies can don a moustache and buck teeth to prove they can rock an audience.

Guitarist Steve Ward, 53, aka Brian May, formed Monarchy eight years ago and said the show must go on particularly as they have secured a residency at a Tenerife hotel this summer, playing fortnightly.

"We go to town with the curly wigs and false moustaches and have all the moves," said Mr Ward, who lives in Nocton.

"And we really go all out to become Queen and not just a bunch of lads from Lincoln.

"Queen really do have some fantastic songs so it's a great job."

And Mr Ward said despite the former flamboyant frontman Dean Marshall biting the dust – in band terms – to work on his own music, he still believes there is another Freddie out there.

"Dean had all the mannerisms and the moves and, without a doubt, is a hard act to replace," he said.

"But we think we can find someone out there who can be Freddie for an hour and we don't care whether they stick or paint on their moustache."

Mr Ward said they will host a X-Factor inspired Freddie Factor auditions where he and drummer Dave Raeburn, 47, aka Roger Taylor and Steve Green, 47, aka bassist John Deacon can assess the talent available.

If you think you can be Freddie contact Steve Ward on 07949 531871 or by email me on

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