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Added on 17-Nov-2006

The prestigious and worldwide known Queen tribute band, "DIOS Salve a la Reina" will be performing a gig in Lima, Perú to commemorate Freddie´s departure on November 23thOn next thursday in the "Vértice del Museo de la Nación", "DIOS Slave a la Reina", the argentinian band that ahs rocked the world with Queen music, will be doing a one day concert in Lima, Perú´s Capital.

Lots of tickets have been sold, and this is a way to show to the world that not only Argentina , Brazil or MExico are latinoamerican countries that listen to Queen. Also, on this day, Peruvians will celebrate Freddie´s 15th death anniversary , and for sure many many peole will attend the event, as shows like these are presented once in lifetime there.

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