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Added on 10-Oct-2001

The LA based tribute band Sheer Heart Attack is to be featured in a "Rockumentary" style movie about tribute bands.From Brian Maybe of QMS

There is a brand new documentary of tribute bands, called, 'Tribute,'

premiering at the AFI Film Festival in Hollywood, Nov 3. "Sheer Heart

Attack - A Royal Tribute to Queen" is among the featured bands, as is

"Superfan" and fellow QMS member, Mark Eldridge! For more info, and

stills from the movie, go to (Check out

all of the links, as there are pictures scattered throughout the


I haven't yet seen the movie, so I can't tell you what the "angle" is on

the bands, or on Queen or Sheer Heart Attack. But, I can tell you that

filmmakers Rich Fox & Kris Curry are definitely Queen fans, and spent a

lot of time with Sheer Heart Attack, shooting rehearsals, shows, and

interviews with all of us.

I'll post a review after I've seen it!

Submitted by: Richard Orchard

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