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Added on 22-Feb-2006

Queen "Under Review" Article in March 2006 in Guitar One MagazineIn the March 2006 issue of "Guitar One" Magazine...which features Billy Gibbons on the cover, has a small article about the unofficial Queen DVD "Under Review". The article is on page 30.

Here is the article:


Under Review 1973-1980

Debuting in the States in the early 70's, Queen played a critical role in the second British Invasion along with Bowie, Zeppelin, Sabbath and Floyd. The disc explores the band's formative period, starting with their early history and ending with 1980's Jazz. Theres some decent vintage footage, but nothing terribly rare. In other words, hardcore fans won't see much they haven't seen before, while casual fans will consider much of the disc too much information.

Scene Stealer: Queen history is explained by random talking heads, one of whom is Simon Bradely, an editor of the British magazine Guitarist, who deomstrates some of Brian May's tricks and techniques in detail."

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