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Added on 12-Feb-2005

In the new Rolling Stone magazine, singer/songwriter/guitarist Billie Joe Armstrong mentions the influence the British rock supergroup Queen had on their recent magnum opus album "American Idiot""So they spent a year working out their differences and learning to make a new kind of music. Armstrong confessed to Dirnt and Cool that he had a secret, not very punk ambition: to write "the 'Bohemian Rhapsody' of the future." Soon they were working out the nine-minute suites that form the heart of American Idiot, "Jesus of Suburbia" and "Homecoming." "

They also covered Queen druing a concert at London's Brixton Academy;

"Almost an hour later, Green Day encore with an utterly sincere cover of Queen's "We Are the Champions." The entire crowd sings along. It feels like Green Day are not just celebrating their return to the top of the charts; they're leading a rock & roll resistance movement."

The influence of Queen is wide-reaching, as every day more and more artists cite a heavy influence from the legendary British pomp rockers.

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