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Added on 27-Sep-2001

In Loaded magazine, there's a poll of the wildest parties EVER! Number 1 is at best spurious in origin.

Caligula's grand bash where decadent really didn't do justice to what was going on! Still, as it was about 290 million years ago or something, nobody actually has any first hand evidence of it ever actually happening in the great detail in which it is described.

So-where does that leave us? Well, we must look to the number 2 spot to give us a real winner, and sure enough-No 2 is the launch of "Jazz" in New Orleans.

The review is fairly funny, as it starts with the words "Freddie Mercury was not the sort of person to do things by halves..." and you just know what's coming. "Cocaine and Champagne, naturally. A veritable mountain of the former, chopped into the desired shape on plates on dwarves heads, and enough of the latter to sink the QE2. The only shame is that the review finishes with "Shite album though..." (which, ofcourse, is totally incorrect).

So I just thought I'd pass that on to remind us all that it wasn't just music at which Queen excelled, it was being cool at every verse end!

Submitted by: Freddie-B

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