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Added on 06-Nov-2008

Polish newspaper Gazeta Wyborcza will release a collection of Queen's studio and live albums from Queen to Return Of The Champions.

It'll be similar with Italian collection released this year: book, rare photos, lyrics and of course disc.

Collection starts on 24th November, 2008 and will be release on every thuesday including 25th November, 2008.

List of albums:

A Kind Of Magic; A Night At The Opera; The Game; Sheer Heart Attack; News Of The World; A Day At The Races; The Works; Queen II; Innuendo; Live Magic; Queen; Live Killers (Vol. 1); Hot Space; Live Killers (Vol. 2); Live at the Bowl (Vol 1); Jazz; The Miracle; Live At The Bowl (Vol. 2); Live At Wembley '86 (Vol. 1); Made In Heaven; Live At Wembley '86 (Vol. 2); Return Of The Champions (Vol. 1); Flash Gordon (OST) and Return Of The Champions (Vol. 2)

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