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Added on 23-Oct-2005

This year's version of Queen's Day - the Brazilian Queen Fan Convention, will take place on November 15th, in São Paulo. The event will count on a lot of attractions, including "Dios Salve a La Reina" (Argentinean Tribute Band), "The Champions" (Brazilian Tribute Band) and "Marcio Sanches and Guests".Prepare your Hearts!!!!!!

The biggest convention of Queen fans in Latin America, QUEEN´S DAY.... already has a scheduled date and venue....

November 15th, 2005 - at 2:00 P.M., at the Teatro Santa Cruz

Address: Rua Orobó, 277 - Alto de Pinheiros - São Paulo (SP) - Brasil


Diós Salve a La Reina (Argentinian Tribute Band)

Márcio Sanches and Guests, performing a Metal Tribute to their Idol - Queen:

Andre Trulio, Reinaldo Kremmer (Q Cover Band from Brazil)

Andreas Kisser (Sepultura)

Joao Gordo (Ratos do Porao)

Nuno Monteiro (Liar Simphony)

Neno Frenando (Abstract Shadows)

Bruno Sutter (Massacration)

The Champions(Tribute Band from Brazil)

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Arnaldo "Ogre-" Silveira, on behalf of Clara Mercury (from the organization of the event).

Submitted by: Arnaldo "Ogre-" Silveira

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