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Added on 08-Aug-2005

Queen's ''Don't Stop Me Now'' Wins Top Gear Greatest Driving Song PollQUEEN WIN POLL

'Dont Stop Me Now' was last night voted the Greatest Driving Song by the viewers of Top Gear.

'We can now announce that the winners of the Greatest Driving song are Queen, with Don't Stop Me Now. Thank you to everyone who voted, especially if you didn't vote for Meatloaf.' (Top Gear website)

Roger was on hand (well on his boat in the Med) to pick up the went something like this...

JAMES MAY (TOP GEAR): "Right, a moment we're going to present Roger Taylor with this Greatest Driving Song Trophy, which we purchased for the princely sum of 699 pence. The only slight problem is the local engraver is a bit rubbish frankly, and he's left the DON'T out of "Don't Dtop Me Now" - for crying out loud."

JM: "Roger Taylor, on behalf of Top Gear I'd like to present you with this Greatest Drving Song In The World Ever Award. It's to you and the other members of Queen for "Stop Me Now". I'm sorry it's such a poor quality trophy."

ROGER TAYLOR: "No, no, no. no, don't say that. No actually, do. Yeah, we'll treasure this for ever and it'll go into our enormous Gong Cupboard and thank you on behalf of the band. Thank you so much to your viewers."


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