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Added on 21-Aug-2007

A fan of rock legends Queen has spoken about how his obsession for the band led him to create a shrine to them in his home.As well as creating the room in his home in Portsmouth, Hants, lined from floor to ceiling with CDs, magazine articles and painted plates, Andy Sparks even named his dog Freddie after the singer.

And the old English bulldog has been given the pedigree name of Mr Mercury.

The 38-year-old father-of-three, who runs a website dedicated to his love for the band, converted the kitchen of his home into the shrine when they moved in two years ago.

His collection of memorabilia includes an old English sixpence belonging to Brian May, a collection of picture plates of the band, signed photos and scrapbooks with newspaper cuttings dating back to the 1970s.

Mr Sparks said; "It`s happened, the Queen room is finished at last. I planned this two years ago and now my dream has finally come true."

The website also includes 1,100 pictures, an extensive collection of lyrics, quizzes and games, as well as photos of his blossoming Freddie Mercury roses - a breed of roses created in 1993 in aid of the Mercury Phoenix Trust.

Mr Sparks told the Portsmouth News: "I`ll admit that I`m obsessed with Queen but I`m pretty normal apart from that."

His wife Claire, 36, added: "Football has its football widows - well I`m a Queen widow."

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