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Added on 26-Oct-2007

It is a familiar chant at sports stadiums, but now the words made famous by Queen's Freddie Mercury are coming to the stage. The musical We Will Rock You opens in Auckland on Friday and in the lead role is a New Zealand singer with a killer makeover.

Fans of rock band Queen always knew their music would live on and if a new stage musical opening in Auckland is to be believed, people will be listening to their songs 300 years from now.

The futuristic stage play has been a West End hit, and stars New Zealander and former When The Cats Away singer Annie Crummer.

"I haven't done anything for a while...I'm unsure of who may remember me...we'll always remember Queen," says Crummer.

The futuristic musical weaves 23 of the rock group's hits into the flimsiest of storylines.

"Well really it's just an excuse to sing some rock n' roll isn't it," says one of the actor/singers of the musical.

Crummer is the only Kiwi in the all Australian cast and she has been on the road with them for the past four years.

But opening night in front of a local audience is slightly freaking her out.

"I was reluctant to do this gig, not only because I was at home and I was scared, but also the workload is quite arduous," says Crummer.

Added to the stress, the high tech spectacle means things do not always go to plan.

"Even last night it didn't come out...well you know what, too bad you just get out there," says Crummer.

And as the words of the song go, We Will Rock You, it is a promise they have made to 60,000 Queen fans who have already bought tickets.

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