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Added on 29-Aug-2005

Queen's ''Queen'' Makes List ''Heavy Metal's All Time Top 100 CD's Special Edition ''Hit Parader Magazine''Queen's debut album, ''Queen'' made the list for the Cover Story Article, ''Heavy Metal's All Time Top 100 CDs!!!'' in the Special Edition of ''Hit Parader Magazine'' of the same Special Edition name.

Page 32 At The Number #74 Position, Queen ''Queen''

Color Photo of the album alongside another color photo that is the cover photo of Queen performing on ''Queen Live At The Bowl'' (same photo appears on Page 20)

''Long before ''Bohemian Rhapsody'' turned them into household names, Queen was a noble hard rock band, drawing upon the pioneering spirit of Led Zeppelin for inspiration on their debut disc. The intricate guitar work of Brian May and the roaring vocals of the late Freddie Mercury help make this Queen's heaviest album ever. While they would go on to create more complex and perhaps more memorable disks, ''Queen'' remains our favorite bang for the buck, pomp metal collection.''

''It always surprises me how many fans say they still like our first album best.'' (Brian) May said. ''I think it was good, but it was still the work of a band searching for its true musical voice, which I believe we did find a few years later.''

Page 34 Also for the ''All Time Top 10 Metal Albums Of The 1970's'',

Queen's ''Queen'' made the #7 Position.

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