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Added on 01-Sep-2003

This last Saturday (29th August) MCM Channel featured Queen in the weekly "Special". This program is one hour with only the band's videos. And for "Queen's Special" they showed various videos, including: Heaven for everyone, You Don't Fool Me, Who Wants To Live Forever, A King Of Magic, Radio Ga Ga, I Want To Break Free, Under Pressure, The Show Must Go On, Don't Stop Me Now, I Want It All and Friends Will Be Friends.

12 years past since Freddie died, and a channel like MCM past a special featuring Queen.

For this one and a bunch more, that is obviously that Queen is the best band ever. And it will still being because the show is going on and it will ever be.

NOTE: Sorry for any mistakes that I possible did. My English isn't very well, but I hope you can, at least, understand the most part of what I tried to say. Thanks,


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