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Added on 27-Jul-2002

Dear Queen fan! Needs your help!

For many years now, has been offering Queen fans the opportunity to download rare Queen concerts in mp3 form.

The purpose of the archive is to give Queen fans the opportunity to hear rare recordings without having to give huge amounts of cash over to bootleggers. Some concerts can cost up to $50 each.

The archive was a way of allowing Queen fans to bypass these the bootleggers and keep their hard earned cash, whilst sharing the music. Only unofficial recordings were ever put on the server.

The archive has been enormously popular. It holds up to 200 concerts that Queen fans can download for free. New concerts are added all the time making it the largest free archive of its type in the world!

Unfortunately, the server that hosted the archive as finally given up the ghost. With the many of thousands of users it copes with a week, it was bounds to happen.

In order to get the server back up and running in a reliable manner, it is necessary to purchase a scsi raid array of sort... probably 4 or 5 disks, along with a scsi card. This will cost approximately 800 Pounds (UK currency).

Therefore, in the hope of raising the necessary finances, is asking donations from Queen fans to keep this archive going. Queen fans are the greatest bunch of people in the world and we are optimistic of getting the archive up and running.

I know that things are tight, but every little bit counts. I have personally pledged 50 pounds to the cause, which, at the current time is a lot of money. However, it is a great source for all Queen fans in the world and it would be a shame to loose it.

All donations, no matter how small are welcome.

As soon as the target amount is reached the archive will be completely free again. The donators though, will be mentioned on the as the “archive saviours”.

Often people wait and see if other people will pitch in. This time though, I fear that if Queen fans wait for someone else to do this, the archive will never be up again.

If you can help, you can send money through the following services:

Paypal at or

The ID to use is

For further information on donating please contact us using .

Upon donating send an e-mail to and I will make sure you are credited on the front page as an “archive saviour”.

Thanks for your support!

Richard Orchard

Submitted by: Richard Orchard

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