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Added on 15-Feb-2007

Queen: Complete Works by Georg Purvis (aka Lester Burnham/Dr. Perry Cox) Written by a respected and long-time member of the QueenZone website forum, this meticulous, session-by-session, album-by-album, tour-by-tour chronicle of the band is the book that Queen fans have been waiting for. An encyclopaedic analysis of every album and almost every song (including solo and post-Queen ventures) sits alongside an in-depth live section that is the most accurate and scholarly account of Queen's live concerts yet published.

A selection of pages from the book are reproduced here as a pictorial preview:

Cover & Spine:

Back cover:


The Albums:

The Songs (1):

The Songs (2):

Queen Live:


'Queen: Complete Works' is out now, and can be purchased from at a significant discount:

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