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Added on 06-Oct-2008

Have you met Madonna or Cyndi Lauper? Who has been a stand out for you?

I met Cyndi Lauper – she was great. I sang with Freddie Mercury at a party once and that was fantastic. I couldn’t believe it when he pulled me up. It was their private party in Kensington and it was amazing. As soon as you got into the lift there were naked women painted green, like a forest. It was weird. They had midgets with little trays of drinks. You just knew it was going to be a brilliant party.

Queen took the stage and they jammed for about an hour – it was amazing – and Gary Glitter got up, too! I was standing at the front with my mate Suzanne Dando – she was big in the 80s as a silver gymnast at the Olympics – when he pulled me up and asked me what songs I knew. And you know when you can’t think? I asked if he knew’ Touch Me’ and he laughed and said, ‘What about ‘Go Johnny Go’?’ We ended up singing that together - it was amazing to do a duet with Freddie.

Did you stay in contact with him?

No, he was very ill not long after that and became a recluse. It was when the big double album came out and I think in a way people knew he was ill then because at their party he had all his friends there that he’d worked with over the years.

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