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Added on 02-Nov-2007

Best 1980s dance songs Entertainment Panelist

1. "When Doves Cry": Dig, if you will, the picture of a dance floor filled by the sound of Prince's 1984 hit because that is what you'll get when the fantastic rhythm embedded in this song takes over.

2. "Addicted to Love": This slick production by Robert Palmer in 1986 made us all realize that we weren't immune to the stuff and couldn't help but move to the song once we'd admitted our addiction.

3. "Billie Jean": Although some of us couldn't dance the way Michael Jackson did to his 1983 hit (don't ask me to 'moonwalk'), you can't help but groove to the story of a beauty queen on the movie scene.


Entertainment Panelist

1. "Another One Bites the Dust" (Queen): This song defined Queen's departure from arena-rock anthems like "We Will Rock You," but still kept Brian May's guitar work and showed off Freddie Mercury's voice.

2. "Rock This Town" (The Stray Cats): I don't normally think of rockabilly music as danceable. But Brian Setzer's guitar licks made this song about a wild night with your best girl a classic as danceable as anything.

3. "Fight For Your Right" (Beastie Boys): This is the ultimate song of misguided teenage rebellion. And it always - I repeat, ALWAYS - results in a sweaty mass of people moshing along and screaming that "You gotta fight ... for your right ... to PAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARTY!"


Local News Editor> 1. "I Want Your Sex": George Michael stops pussyfooting around and puts it all on the line. Banned from radio for its overt lyrics, this 1987 hit gets down to what dancing's all about: sex.

2. "Relax": OK, same subject matter, but back off. The thumping intro on any of the numerous dance-mix versions of Frankie Goes to Hollywood's 1984 techno-treat lasted nearly two and a half minutes, giving you plenty of time to make it to the dance floor from the back of a crowded bar.

3. "Walk Like an Egyptian": The Bangles gave the '80s generation its equivalent of "The Swim," a dance number with its own special move. Hey, they got Mark Gastineu to do it for the video. How cool is that?

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