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''Return Of The Champions'' Review On Tallahassee Via Associated PressHere is a review of ''Return Of The Champions'' from the Tallahassee via the Associated Press By Wayne Parry

''Queen and Paul Rodgers, ''Return Of The Champions'' (Hollywood)

''First off, this is NOT Queen in any way, shape or form. That entity died in 1991 along with vocalist Freddie Mercury, the singularly irreplaceable voice, presence, icon and innovator whose multi-octave range, over-the-top flamboyance and natural showmanship was the very essence of Queen.''

''What's more, bassist John Deacon opted out of this reunion, leaving only guitarist Brian May and drummer Roger Taylor of the original quartet. And although Paul Rodgers has his own lofty place in rock history, having fronted Free, Bad Company and The Firm, he is a bad match for this group, which rightly ought to be called ''The Guitarist And Drummer From Queen, The Singer From Bad Company, And Three Other Guys No One's Ever Heard Of.'' (Wouldn't that fit nicely on T-shirts!)''

''Rodgers' limited vocal range and absence of personality are painful to watch and hear on this May 2005 live concert from England, and he brings nothing to the band's vast catalog of hits.''

''Performing as Queen without Mercury is as wrong as Led Zeppelin without Robert Plant or The Doors without Jim Morrison. (Oops, that already happened.) But if a Queen reunion had to be done, there are far better choices than Rodgers to front it. George Michael was brilliant in an

all-star tribute concert to Mercury in 1992, and Elton John excelled on ''The Show Must Go On'' and ''Bohemian Rhapsody'' in past Queen tributes. Speaking of ''Bohemian Rhapsody,'' the band performed the backing music while a taped video image of Mercury sang along on giant screens, as bogus a move as a similar posthumous Elvis tour not too long ago.''

''When Rodgers emerged to take over vocals at the end of the song, it only highlighted what music has lost in Mercury, and what a royal disappointment this incarnation of ''Queen'' is.''

Wayne Parry, AP Writer


Via The Associated Press

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