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Added on 07-Sep-2005

Review OF Jordis Unga's WATC Performance On ''Rock Star: INXS'' On Curlio.comHere is's review of Jordis Unga's performance of Queen's ''We Are The Champions'' on last night's ''Rock Star: INXS'' which aired Tuesday 9/6/2005.

''Jordis Unga was given the opportunity to show up JD by performing ''We Are the Champions'' by Queen. Honestly she did better than JD, but I think JD would even admit that. I wasn't overly fond of her version either. She just wasn't anywhere near Freddie, but who is? The original was written with Marty. The song, ''Try Not'' is about trying not to be overwhelmed in her current situation on TV. I thought it was nice, but not great. With some work this could be an INXS song, but not as it is. Dave liked the original and said it has a nice feel. He worries that Jordis is losing her fire, to which Jordis replied that she felt like she's stumbling over herself. Jon told her she's doing a good job and he appreciates that she's the youngest contestant.''


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