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Added on 30-Oct-2001

The new 'We Will Rock You' DVD has been released. The following review is from long-time Queenzoner, Michael Allred.First off, the packaging is new. Instead of that generic silhouette of

Freddie, the new DVD has a very nice shot of the band on stage.

The tracklisting is identical to the previous DVD release.

Putting in the disc we see a nice animated menu with Queen playing in

the background.

Starting off with the video/audio presentation...

The film is presented in anamorphic widescreen finally giving fans the

chance to see the film in it's intended ratio. Afterall, the film was

originally shot for an IMAX type show on a 5 story tall screen.

This is a completely NEW video transfer, this time in high-definition.

The differences between this DVD and all previous home video releases

are very noticable. The new DVD shows so much more detail, the clarity

in some shots was stunning. It also gave much more depth to the lighting

Queen used on stage. All specs of dirt, scratches, hair, etc were

removed. This is the BEST "We Will Rock You" has ever looked.

The audio is a new Dolby Digital 5.1 mix and again, it's something to

behold. You will never hear a better sounding Brian May guitar solo, the

mix is that good. (There is also a seperate DTS release of the disc for

those that have DTS receivers.)

Concerning the extras, there is a informative audio commentary track by

the film's director, Saul Swimmer. He shares plenty of anecdotes such as

how the members of Queen insisted on screening the film seperate from

each other, that Roger poked fun at the way Freddie held his hands at

the piano and how Brian basically ignored all the cameras insisting that

his performance was for the fans at the concert and nothing else. One

odd thing Swimmer said was calling Queen a "cult band". They were coming

off their biggest success ever in North America at the time and that

equals cult status?

There is an extremely easy Queen trivia quiz to play (though there are

some mistakes as calling "The Loser in the End" simply "The Loser" but

these are minor quibbles.)

Also included are bios of the band and for each seperate member. You can

also check out a Queen discography, complete with album covers,

tracklistings and how they did in the charts (they only refered to the

UK charts for some reason.)

Then there is a virtual tour of Queen landmarks in England where you

take a subway to each location (such as Kensington Market, the Queen fan

club, etc) all the while hearing subway announcements like 'please watch

your step' which made it fun.

All in all this is a no-brainer purchase, even if you own the previously

released DVD. The new widescreen hi-def transfer and audio mix is worth

it alone.

Submitted by: Richard Orchard

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