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Added on 29-Apr-2010

ROMPERS, jumpsuits and now ... unitards? SoulCycle, the indoor spin-class studios, has just added the one-piece made famous by Queen’s Freddie Mercury to its latest collection of workout clothes (right). And very, very confident New York women have been spotted wearing them outside the spin class, accessorized with high boots and long cardigans. “We were inspired by all the jumpsuits out now and the ’80s music we were listening to,” said Julie Rice, a SoulCycle owner, whose play list features Pat Benatar’s “Hit Me With Your Best Shot.” Seventies-era Spandex has been replaced by Vaporex, a moisture-wicking fabric ($150). Available at the SoulCycle studios in Manhattan, including 1470 Third Avenue; (212) 639-1300, and online at

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