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Added on 09-Jul-2001

Just been to see Robbie Williams live in Dublin on the first concert of his European tour.The first thing I have to say is this guy is a true showman. I know I'll get slagged of for this but after seeing him live I really do believe he could front Queen.

With hints of further work with Queen, Robbie certainly showed how much he loves the band by playing Fat Bottomed Girls right before the start of the gig with the announcer counting the clock down before he came on stage.

Then during the concert Robbie did a 'Freddie' with a Live Aid style vocal competition with the crowd.

Then for one final encore at the very end he came on and said 'I think we'll finish things off with a rock 'n' roll number'. He then preceded to sing his recently recorded version of 'We Are The Champions'. The excellent solo was included but wasn't a patch on Brian's.

Oh, before I go before the start of the gig on the big screens they played the trailer for A Knights Tale. We Will Rock You was played over the top of this. When this happened the whole crowd started clapping in time to the 'stomp, stomp, clap' part.

All in all a great concert.

Submitted by: Michael Bashford

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