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Added on 23-Jul-2001

There was a definite Queen thing going on at Robbies Gig in Milton Keynes, with We Will Rock You, Fat Bottomed Girls and We are the Champions, featuring.I went to see Robbie Williams concert at Milton Keynes over the weekend, and think that anyone who thinks he is a crap singer should really do their best to see him and I guarantee you will change your mind. He is the only performer on this planet that can get anything close to the sort of thing Freddie managed with a crowd.

Before the concert began there was an advert/trailer for A Knights Tale, shown several times on the big screens with We Will Rock You playing, and everyone kept joining in. Then as Robbie was about to come on Fat Bottomed Girls was played with a countdown to Robbie coming on stage. Then finally the Encore at the end was of course We are the Champions, and believe me it was amazing, I was almost in tears!

It would appear that Robbie really is a big Queen fan.

Submitted by: Darren H

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