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Robbie Williams Confirmed To Sing ''We Will Rock You'', Artist Performance Highlights At Live 8According to the 7/1/2005 online edition of The London Times, in the article ''Countdown To Live 8, The Biggest Show Yet'', By Sam Knight, Robbie Williams has arranged his set list for Live 8. Rather than singing his own hit, ''Angels'', Williams will be singing the classic Queen triumphant anthem, ''We Will Rock You'', (the same song which his idol, Freddie Mercury, legendary frontman, vocalist, composer, musician for Queen...performed to 72,000 adoring fans at Wembley Stadium, who sang along in unison with Freddie as he sang the call to arms chorus of the song at the historic, show stealing 1985 Live Aid performance by Queen).

Williams will also perform ''Let Me Entertain You''

Historic highlights already in the makings of Live 8 are an exuberantly anticipated opening of the event which is, ''According to The Sun, the list confirms that Paul McCartney and U2 will open the show with the words "it was 20 years ago today", performing a version of Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band to pay tribute to the Live Aid concert of 1985.''

''U2 will then give way to Coldplay, with Bono introducing the lead singer Chris Martin, heir to his mantle of most globally-minded pop star. U2 will fly to Vienna to headline the concert there.''

''Continuing the duets and covers theme, Coldplay will sing with Richard Ashcroft of the Verve, performing Bitter Sweet Symphony, while Elton John will join Pete Doherty to give new life to the T-Rex song, Children of the Revolution.''

''The Sun reported that Bob Geldof is trying to arrange a last minute duet for 18-year-old Joss Stone and James Brown, who in his seventies.''

''In the seven hours of 27 short sets, Pink Floyd, laying their differences behind them, will play Money, Comfortably Numb and Wish You Were Here; Sting will sing Message In A Bottle; Madonna will perform Like A Prayer; and The Who will knock out Won't Get Fooled Again.''

''As Bob Geldof said last week, the show will build to its climax when McCartney returns to the stage to sing the Beatles anthem The Long And Winding Road, before the stage fills with some of the most popular pop stars of the century for an, as yet, secret finale.''

Countdown to Live 8...Best Wishes to Sir Bob Geldof, all the music and entertainment artists, the Live 8 Organizers.

Let the world open its hearts, minds, and ears to this wonderful event and gain awareness of and stand up and act on behalf of its earnest, global cause, to end world poverty..forever. Happy Live 8 Day!


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